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Name: Yttrium aka Yttri
Birthdate: Unknown. Approx. Dec. '04
Death Date:
Death Cause: Uknown, assuming old age.
From: A rescue that was delivered to me from Lexington.
Status: Pet only.
Colors/Markings: PEW
Health: No health problems as of yet.
Personality: She's so sweet! I love her to death. The previous owner reported that she had bit one of the kids but she has never bitten me. She's super sweet and it's hard to imagine she'd do something like that. Her and her sister were the first ones that I had that wasn't black and white XD.
Relatives: Sister - Vanadium.
Comments After Death: She will be missed dearly. She was really old and one day I found her already gone. It was sad, really. She wasn't ill or anything, so I'm assuming she died of old age.

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