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North American Rat Registry - All of our rats and litters will be registered with the NARR. It's a great place to register rats and check up on the lines of other rats.

Goosemoose - is an excellent place to learn about rats, get information, and talk to other rat owners.

Pymatuning Valley Rattery - An excellent rattery that I have adopted from. She has the most precious, healthy babies I've ever owned. :). I highly recommend her.

Dazzle Me Rattery - Melina is a very great person who has helped me through many problems that I've faced throughout owning rats. I've not gotten to own any breeder rats from her, but I have made some rescues and they were awesome. I highly recommend her, as well.

Kim's Ark Rescue - This is a rescue in the North Eastern part of the United States. They have worked very hard to save many rats and rehome them. They also sell needed supplies for owning rats.

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