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Adoption Policies

Waiting List:
If you see a litter on the "Planned Litter" page that intrigues you, please feel free to feel out the application as well as a request to be put on the waiting list. If you are not put on the waiting list then I can not guarentee a baby will be available for adoption. I also can not 100% guarentee that a baby will be available even if you are on the waiting list - mother nature does have the upperhand. If this is the case, then I will email you and ask if you would like to be put on another litter waiting list. Also, if a person is on a waiting list for a long time, and enough babies are not produced, I may shift them over to another litter and they will then choose after we do. If this were to happen, I will notify you if you were ramped down.

After the babies have turned two weeks (14 days), we will then begin notifying the people on the waiting list that they may begin reserving. We do not charge reservation fees as of right now; however, if people are not really sure, then I ask if you do not request to reserve at this time. If the sire/dam is not one of ours, then the other breeder will get second pick after us. I do like it if people can reserve a same sex pair. In my opinion, it makes the transition from my home to their new home a little easier, it makes introductions a little easier, and during quarentine they are not by themselves. However, if you do have the same sex rats at your house, you may adopt a single rat.

Adoption Fees:
If a rattery, whom I have adopted a breeder from before, chooses to buy one of my rats, I will charge them what they charged me unless prior arrangements have been made such as a trade. In my opinion, it is only fair. :)
For other adopters the fee is $15 per rat or $25 per pair.

Pick Up:
After six weeks, the pups may be picked up. We are a closed rattery. This is to ensure that the health of our rats remain excellent. Because of this, we will designate a place to meet for pick up. I may be able to sometimes drive a couple of hours away to meet you some place, but this may not always be the case. At the time of pick up, the adoption fees are due and the contract must be signed. You also must have an appropriate carrying cage. I will not allow them to ride on your shoulder. You will then be given the pedigree and the rats.

If for some reason we have a "rattie train" set up, I will send the contract to you via snail mail before the rats leave my home. With the contract the adoption fees also need to be paid. I will accept cash, money order, or paypal. Contact me for information about paying through paypal.

Returning of Rats:
If for any reason you there's a breech in the contract, you are unable to care for the rats, or something major happens in the line (ie agression), please let me know first before deciding to give up the rat. I will always take back rats that have been bred here. It's in the contract, as well. I also have breeding rights. This means that if I need to work on a specific line of my rats, and if some of my keepers are not fit, then I will have to "borrow" the rat that I have sold to you. This will not happen often - if ever at all, but I wanted to make sure it was out in the open.

Policies are subject to change at any time.

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