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I'm sorry to say that the time of ownership of Molly, I didn't have a computer, a camera, or any means of taking a picture, so she is pictureless :(. She won't be forgotten though. Name: Molybdenum a.k.a. Molly
Birthdate: Uknown, approx early '05
Death Date: September '05
Death Cause: Unknown
From: A friend bought her at a petshop for me
Colors/Markings: Brown standard berkshire.
Health: None
Personality: She was evil. Plain and simple. I worked my ass off to get her to be friendly, the more I tried, the more skin I lost. She bit me all the time. She'd be alright for a few moments while I petted her and then BAM, she'd bite me. It was really sad. The Petstore was absolutely disgusting, but she was a gift so I loved her anyway.
Relatives: Children - Plutonium and Samarium
Comments After Death: I have no idea how she died. She died while in her sleep at a very young age. I partially blame myself. She was accidently bred at a young age and perhaps that may have caused it. I'm not sure, but it was sad, extremely sad. I miss her - in a weird way, even though she wasn't very nice to me.

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