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LLR Cookie Crisp x LLR Chex

Reasons for pairing: Well this is our first litter! We are extremely excited. This is a linebreeding to bring out the recessives. Cookie's build is pretty awesome. They both have decent ears, they could use improvements, though. Their personalities are just perfect. Cookie has always been a precious rat. He is very affectionate, playful, and licky. Chex is curious and loves to explore, but very licky as well. I'm really excited to see the personalities in these rats.
Expecting: Mostly black and American blue with a chance of Russian blue, and a small chance of mink; rex and standard fur; all dumbo
Theme: Songs with "First" in the title since this is our first litter. Original, huh? :)
Waiting List: Open

Placed together:
10/18/09: She was not receptive but observed mating.
10/19/09: Attempted to place together again; she was not receptive. We then decided that she was not in heat as originally expected. We separated them.
10/21/09: We observed her and saw that she seemed to be in heat, maybe for real this time. We placed them together and she was very receptive; observed a lot of mating.
Estimated due date: 11/08/09 - 11/13/09. Leaning more towards 11/11 - 11/13.

10/30/09: Separated her from the other girls, in case the first mating took.
11/08/09: She's got an adorable little belly :) and it seems to be growing rapidly. Because of this, we are definitely leaning more towards in a few more days since today is the first potential due date. She's also nesting now, so it should be just a few more days :)
11/13/09: Unlucky Friday the 13th. Produced three babies who were all stillborn. Mother is doing fine, thankfully. But RIP little guys.

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