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Name: Vanadium aka Nadie
Birthdate: Unknown. Approx. Dec. '04
Death Date: Two days after Ytrrium passed away.
Death Cause: She somehow escaped her cage and ended up in my ferret's cage who was known for killing rats... Yeah, I think someone did it. There was one guy there - a friend of my brother's who said that he heard the noise but didn't want to stick his hand in there but Vanadium put up a good fight. Yeah I think he did it and believe me, he's not allowed over anymore.
From: A rescue that was delivered to me from Lexington.
Status: Pet only.
Colors/Markings: Fawn hooded
Health: No health problems as of yet.
Personality: Little miss Nadie is like Houdini. She's the only one to figure out that if she pushes down on the little latches of her cage, and then push up, she can get out. We finally rigged it after she escaped a few times. Other than that, she is so sweet! She's so beautiful too. Her and her sister are the only ones that I have had so far that are not black and white.
Relatives: Sister - Yttrium.
Comments After Death: I'm going to miss her dearly. At least she was able to be buried with her sister becuase I forgot to bury Yttrium right away. She was my little escape artist but still, I know she couldn't escape and then get into the ferret's cage. I took the ferret out and tried to get my littlest girl to fit in through the bars and she couldn't.. so yeah.

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