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Welcome to Splash and Spots Rattery

News and Updates

04/24/10: We only have six females left. We lost all of our males within a short time without a confirmed reason, and after a lot of discussion and in the best interest of the rats, we have decided that we will wait until all of our current residents pass before we will start a new line and begin a new mentorship. Therefore, it will probably be a while before we have a litter. I'm guessing sometime between a year to two years. My youngest residents just turned a year old so... we're hoping they live to be three :). Anyway, I will continue to update this website and continue my enrollment with NARR.

Rattery Information

We are a small hobby breeder in south eastern Kentucky. By small I mean that we will only be having a handful of litters a year, if that. We feel that by being a small rattery we can give our attention and love to the rats we have now and the litters we will be having. Our primary goals are health, longevity, and temperament. We will keep extensive health records that will be completely open to the public to keep track of our lines. And as for the conformation, we are focusing on Russian Blue and Marked rats with Dumbo and standard ears, in rex or smooth fur. We are registered with NARR under the prefix of SPSP. If you have any questions, feel free to email us and we hope you enjoy the website :)

We apologzie in advance for the popups/free domain thing. We'd rather spend money on cages, toys, fleece, etc at this time, but believe me, we will be buying our own domain soon enough :)


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