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The Girls Next Door

With The Girls Next Door, they are actually three hairless rats that I adopted as a rescue :). I decided to go with the theme of the Girls Next Door since they were Playmates and the girls were naked, lol.
Name: Holly
Birthdate: Unknown, but approximately in 2007 sometime
Death Date: 6/30/09
Death Cause: Old age/cancer
From: From a member of Goosemoose. I picked them up on 4/13/2009
Colors/Markings: Hairless standard
Health: She had two tumors when I got her, which I did know about. They weren't that big and they didn't grow the short time that I had her. The doctor's said she would be better off without surgery.
Personality: She was skittish when I adopted her. She wasn't that friendly but I fell in love with her anyway.
Relatives: Holly and Bridgett
Comments After Death: I didn't have her too long before she passed and I will miss her greatly. I have no pictures of her.

Name: Kendra
Birthdate: Uknown, after Holly. She was the second oldest and the mother to Bridgett.
Death Date: 5/20/09
Death Cause: Unknown
From: The same member from Goosemoose. I picked them up at 4/13/2009.
Colors/Markings: Siamese (?) Hairless.
Health: She seemed pretty healthy. I don't really understand why she died.
Personality: She was my favorite. She was more social and nice than the other two. She was more curious and affectionate. The only way I could tell them apart was the tumors on Holly and Kendra had a spot above her tail like she was a siamese hairless rat.
Relatives: Bridgett, daughter. Holly as a sister.
Comments After Death: She will be greatly missed. D: I have no pictures of her, either.

Name: Bridgett
Birthdate: Uknown, Kendra's daughter.
Death Date: Lost all records; died in February 2010
Death Cause: Unknown.
From: The same member from Goosemoose. I picked them up at 4/13/2009.
Colors/Markings: Hairless Standard
Health: She seemed healthy. No tumors, no sickness. I woke up one day to see her in the cage. She had passed away in the middle of the night, and unfortunatly, the other girls had a chance to do their burial process. It was horrible.
Personality: She was really sweet. She had come around since when I first had them. She was more curious, easier to handle, and more affectionate than some of the other rescues I had.
Relatives: Kendra as the mother and Holly.
Comments After Death: I couldn't believe she was gone. She was one of the first hairless rats I have ever had and she will be greatly missed.

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